Aura Lunaria G5 - ActiveAhead-2

Get smart lighting that learns where and when to light - and not.

In Aura Light's range, there is a product segment called Aura Connect.

     - Aura Connect is the collective name for our smart wireless lighting solutions, explains Rasmus Andersson, product manager at Aura Light.

In a collaboration with Helvar, Aura Light has developed Aura Connect - Smart Office, a selection of office luminaires equipped with Helvar's technology ActiveAhead.

     - What is unique about ActiveAhead is that it is a self-learning system. Helvar has developed an algorithm that makes the sensors learn how people move and can thus light up your path well in advance, but also extinguish afterwards. This means that it is only lit there and when it is actually needed, Rasmus explains and explains further;

     - Take the copy space as an example, usually you quickly run in and out to get something. The system will learn the way there, so it is lit when you arrive. After you leave, the lighting is quickly dimmed down and then completely extinguished. Usually, it comes on only when you enter and then stands and lights up at 100% for about 30 minutes after presence. There is a lot of energy here to save.

The system will learn the way there, so it is lit when you arrive
Because each luminaire is equipped with a sensor that communicates wirelessly with surrounding sensors, full coverage is guaranteed.

     - It is a great advantage that it only shines with full strength in the areas where people move. In large open spaces you can save a lot of energy with ActiveAhead, says Rasmus.

The system is completely wireless, no control cables are needed between the luminaires. When the luminaires are installed it is only to connect the luminaire with voltage and the entire lighting system is running. The sensors begin to talk directly to each other and learn people's movement patterns. If you add luminaires or change the floor plan, the system learns about itself and adapts to the change. In other words, you do not need advanced and time-consuming programming and planning at the sketching table. If necessary, adjustment of the lighting can easily be made with the associated mobile app for ActiveAhead or with a wireless push button that enables four different scenarios.

Aura Connect - Smart Office is today available in the LED panel Aura Lunaria G5 and also in the office luminaires Exzite and Kvill.

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