‘‘A little nicer than a regular industrial luminaire”

We asked some questions to Aura Light's lighting designer Gabriella Sköld about the latest industrial luminaire Helags. Gabriella is educated at the Lighting Design School in Jönköping and has been working with lighting planning in the office in Jönköping for just over three years.

What is special about Helags if you compare with Aura Light's other industrial luminaires?
    I would say the latest lens technology and that it is painted in white, and also the possibility to replace the light source, which means that in projects where design and sustainability come into play, Helags will be an obvious choice.

What other things affect the choice of Helags?
    Different protection classes, efficiency and beam angles mean that Helags fits perfectly in projects where you want to use the same luminaire series for several different areas, such as industry. It is suitable for storage aisles, open areas, under the entresol and at loading docks. Since Helags is D-rated, it can also be used in riding stables and other environments with dust or other flammable material.

Environmental thinking and choice of material - how big role does it play when choosing a product?
    It is becoming increasingly common with projects where there is a desire for a more sustainably manufactured luminaire and where there is the possibility of being able to replace LED units that have stopped working without having to discard the entire luminaire. In Helags, the driver can also easily be replaced by an installer if needed.

New lens technology - how would you describe the difference in light properties compared to other technology?

     With Helag's lens technology, you can control the light with precision and decide more exactly where the light should hit, this compared to other industrial luminaires which has a diffused surface where the light is refracted and gives more scattering. We will surely see more luminaires with lens technology in the future.

Does Helags have a wider area of use compared to other industrial luminaires?
    It absolutely has. As Helags is white painted and a little neater in its design, it is suitable for use in projects where traditional luminaires have been a bit too robust in their design. If you choose a variant with a lower effect, Helags can very well also fit in, for example, office environments or schools. A flexible luminaire quite simply.