Lighting for industry premises

Illuminating industry and industrial properties puts high demands on the luminaire and the lighting design. Industrial areas includes production and assembly halls, warehouses and similar facilities. In other words, premises with high ceiling heights and the need for high luminous fluxes to create adequate light all the way down to floor level. High ceiling heights mean that the mounting heights are high and make maintenance difficult, which is why practical luminaires with little maintenance are preferable. Other common challenges are limited or non-existent entry of natural daylight. Variation between nooks and crannies, shelves and open spaces requires careful planning of the lighting to avoid glare, poorly lit areas and unwanted shadows from machines, which creates poor and less safe working conditions. Exactly what requirements an industrial premises have for their lighting varies with the work situation, conditions and design of the premises. These are areas that we at Aura Light have long experience of and can help you with. 

Here we have gathered knowledge, references and products for the conditions of industrial premises. 

Warehouses places high demands

With sensor-controlled lighting solutions and luminaires with high power and the right light distribution, you get a high-bay warehouse that is both energy-efficient and provides a pleasant, adequate light from floor level to the top shelf.

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Environmentally and energy-efficient lighting fixture with high performance and good light quality.

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When high luminous flux is a requirement, Certos is the one.

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A flexible industry luminaire, available in several designs to suit different environments.

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Fluorescent lamps will be phased out in 2023

This year, fluorescent tubes are being phased out of the market. Read more about what applies and alternatives to future-proof and more energy-efficient solutions.

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To consider when choosing industrial lighting

Lighting control

Adjust the light to shine when and where needed. By lighting control, you make the system more efficient without sacrificing a good working environment.


Ensure that the lighting meets the requirements of glare levels. For example, in warehouses where truck drivers often look upwards this is extra important.


Check that the luminaire has the correct IP rating for the specific environment. Cold stores and dusty or dirty rooms requires higher classification.

Popular products for industry lighting