To create the best possible lighting to an area, the lighting must be adapted to the area's requirements, usage and conformation.

Explore our lighting range according to application areas and find the solution that suits you best. 


A day at the office can involve intensive work at the desk, creative work in a group room or important meetings in a conference room. Each place has its working methods and lighting.

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High ceilings and tough environments require that the lighting can cope with dirt, moisture and collisions, while maintenance should be simple and rare.

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Good lighting provides both energy and comfort and helps to create optimal conditions for both students and teachers to enjoy and cope with long days at the school bench.

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Creative and carefully planned lighting in your shop can help to enhance the overall experience and serve as the finishing touch in your visual image.

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Health and care

Research shows that right adapted lighting has a positive effect on the health. Well-planned and adjustable lighting can support both the hospital staff's work and the patient's recovery.

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With lighting placed in clunky places and high up, the lighting should be durable and provide adequate light and rarely need servicing to save you from unnecessary work.

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Public areas

A public area can have many different purposes - an area to quickly pass or a place to stop for a moment and enjoy. No matter what, you can, with the right custom lighting, strengthen its purpose.

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In sport halls the tempo is often high and intense - make sure that no one misses anything of the match due to poor lighting!

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With long, dark winters, outdoor lighting is an important part of creating safety, well-being and traffic safety, but also giving that extra detail to your facade and local environment.

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