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With our 90-year history behind us, and the opportunities and challenges of the future ahead, we wanted to create a forum where our history could meet the future. With the emphasis on sustainability and function, we drew inspiration from Stig Lindberg's timeless design to create a stylish, future-proof and functional concept luminaire. The result is Horisont, a high-end concept luminaire equipped with the latest technology, in a unique design made of biocomposite and created to inspire you to go beyond the ordinary.

Horisont is a concept luminaire that raises the bar for what circular lighting means. Equipped with the latest lighting technology and the ability to extend its function by implementing speakers and sensors for measuring indoor climate, we challenge all senses with a single device. Made in the biocomposite material DuraSense®, we get a durable luminaire that gives a natural feeling of wood and power of the future.

RGBW chip-technology

The high-quality RGBW technology will enable you to create a better working environment and follow the circadian rhythm for Human Centric Lighting. Or, use Horisont to highlight focal pieces and create an atmosphere that expresses your own unique style.

Flexible as you go

It’s easy to adjust the lighting and colour temperature at any time to create the right conditions. Use the accompanying mobile app to select pre-set scenarios or fine-tune the lighting according to your needs.

Unique lenses for unique lighting

The unique, interchangeable lenses provide you with the flexibility to customize the lighting distribution according to your needs and preferences. The spotlights themselves are 360° rotatable and 30° tiltable so that you can direct the light exactly how you want to.

Stylish look with 24 V

We have implemented 24-volt technology and scaled back the wiring to create a truly stylish and safe luminaire with a clean look.

Make the most of it

Make the most of Horisont by adding sensors to measure air quality, room temperature, humidity and even sound level. You can integrate speakers and with a single tool, control and create an environment that meets your needs at all times.

Timeless design

With soft lines, historical features and carefully designed details, Horisont is a timeless luminaire that fits the modern office.

Sustainability as the focal point

We have a long history as innovators in lighting behind us and our commitment to continue creating is endless. But the resources of the earth are not. We want to take our responsibility for a sustainable future, that is why we have created Horisont - manufactured in the biocomposite material DuraSense®, made to last for generations.

DuraSense® from Stora Enso is a mix of wood fibers and polymers - virgin, recycled or bio-based - which creates a flexible material with the mouldability of plastic and strength, workability and natural feel of wood. By building Horisont in DuraSense®, we can reduce the CO2 footprint, minimize waste and extend its lifespan by, when the time comes, reuse, redo or recycle Horisont.

About Biocomposites

Click here to read more about the Biocomposit materiale DuraSense® from Stora Enso

History meets future

During the late 1950s, the award-winning Swedish designer Stig Lindberg designed the Lumavision TV for Luma. The idea behind was to offer a TV that could be a stylish interior detail, comfortable to watch with a rotatable screen and easy to operate. A "TV receiver that is more efficient". With Lumavision as our source of inspiration, we have created Horisont.

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