Locally produced - for the sake of the environment

Sevede is four different luminaires that can be pended, ceiling mounted, recessed or mounted as whiteboard lighting. The unique thing about the series is that, in addition to choosing fixed lengths, you can also create a homogeneous light line in exactly the length or design that suits your room. For light lines, there are start, middle and end versions. By combining any number of the different lengths, you can easily and logically put together your unique light line. The solution is possible for all the four luminaires.

The luminaire is available with 3 types of optics that are suitable for different purposes.
    - The lens optics are fantastic, which means that the glare rate is very low. The luminaire is therefore excellent in office environments. It gives a very pleasant and nice light, says Stefan Pettersson who developed and designed Sevede together with the rest of the team in Vimmerby. The luminaire is also available with opal optics for a more visible experience that is excellent for light lines, or microprismatic optics that have an even light with a low UGR value.

Sevede has a high efficiency, up to 160 lm /W. It is available as on/off or DALI and can be controlled partly with the latest AI technology in the form of ActiveAhead; lighting control that is both wireless and self-learning, and partly with Casambi; a wireless system based on bluetooth. The pended variant has a separate uplight, which gives 30% uplight and 70% downlight.

Sustainability has been in focus throughout the development process and every decision has been carefully evaluated, from the material used to smart technology and the choice of sub-contractors.
    - We work closely with our suppliers to find the best materials. Most sub-contractors are located in the Nordic countries, which results in shorter and faster transports. We also collaborate with several local participants when it's possible, says Magnus Carlsson, responsible for the product development.
    - The aluminum we use for Sevede has been recycled for lower impact on the environment. We have optimized the size and weight of the luminaire as much as possible without compromise with the good light quality, Magnus concludes.

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