Bright lines that creates opportunities

Sevede is the luminaire series that gives you endless possibilities for creative lighting solutions. It is available in different lengths that can either be pended, ceiling mounted or recessed to the roof. The unique thing about Sevede is that you can also create a homogeneous light line in a length that suits your facility. By putting together any number of the different lengths, you get a completely unique solution. Well-balanced material choices also makes Sevede a sustainable product. The materials are chosen with a sustainable mindset. Every component is as far as possible evaluated from an environmental aspect.

Created in Sweden

Sevede is developed, designed and produced by our own team in Vimmerby. The idea of ​​sustainability has been present throughout the development process.

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Not just lighting

With Sevede, we can create customized design solutions with really good and adapted light. The possibility of infinite lines makes the experience so much more than just lighting.

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Smart solutions

Learn more about the features that makes Sevede unique. Different optics and custom lengths provide endless possibilities to create perfect lighting.

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Our Sevede products