Creative and flexible solutions

We asked our lighting design team to give us their view on the possibilities with Sevede from a design perspective. We met with the lighting designers Mikael Lennartsson and Gabriella Sköld. 
    - With Sevede you get a flexible luminaire that with the various alternative optics and the lengths can create a whole in the projects. Sevede is a great lighting solution for office environments, schools, hospitals and circulation areas, Mikael Lennartsson explains.
    - By working with light lines you can easily create a room within the room with clear demarcated areas. Sevede is a luminaire that also fits well with other luminaire types so it will be a pleasure to work with Sevede in the new projects coming up, Gabriella continues. 
The lighting design team look forward to starting to work with Sevede in the projects. 
    - We are there to help you to find creative solutions that follows both requirements and wishes from our customers, Mikael ends. 

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