Lighting for school and educational environments

The school is one of our largest and most important workplace. This is where the foundation for our future is laid and here our children and young people spend a large part of their time. In fact, we spend almost 90% of our time indoors and creating a good and pleasant indoor environment is of great importance for our children's well-being and learning in school. Good lighting supports good learning!

With the help of well-planned, high-quality and varied lighting, an environment that promotes learning and well-being can be created. Research clearly indicates that qualitative lighting that is adapted for school environments, has a positive effect on students' ability to concentrate, performe, health and well-being. Unfortunately, far too many schools are characterized by outdated and uninspiring lighting that rather contributes to the opposite. Here we have gathered knowledge and inspiration for you to orientate between, so that you can get help to take the lighting in your school to the next level!

6 classrooms of 10 may have old lighting

In our survey, it turns out that many of Sweden's schools still have fluorescent lighting in their classrooms. An inefficient and less sustainable lighting choice that will also be phased out in 2023.

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Smart lighting for smarter schools

With a few simple tricks and smart lighting design, you can transform your classroom into an inspiring and pleasant place for learning. Our lighting designer Gabriella Sköld shares her best tips for smarter lighting in schools.

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Large cost savings with LED

Modern lighting solutions not only create a pleasant learning environment, but also contribute to lower maintenance and energy costs.

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Selected luminaires for educational environments


Modern and timeless design in combination with first-class optics for glare-free light and good color reproduction.

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LED panels are an easy choice for good general lighting. With different variants and accessories, you can easily create something extra.

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Our popular luminaire Exzite is available both as pendant and for whiteboard lighting with several different performances for a tailor-made solution.

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Downlights & spotlights

Adding downlights in the ceiling provides an even and pleasant light with good light distribution. Discover our range here.

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Unleash your creativity and create a unique lighting installation with Sevede. Its lens optics ensure glare-free and high-quality light for long days at school.

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Sarek Sport

Sarek Sport with sturdy square lamella is ready for all ball sports and training activities in the school's sports halls.

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Fewer luminaires but better light

As early as 1914, Folkungaskolan in Linköping demanded that the school meet modern requirements for a healthy teaching environment. With modern lighting, they now have both energy-efficient and sound lighting for teaching,

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