LED and economy

Thanks to the development of energy-efficient LED and smart lighting control, we can today offer increasingly economically sustainable lighting solutions that can reduce energy consumption by up to 80% and thus not only save you on the energy bill, but also your environmental impact.
Investing in modern and energy-efficient lighting with smart control is an effective way to reduce energy consumption and its environmental impact. Up to 30% of the total electricity consumption in a public enterprise or a company is used for lighting only, but this figure is easy to reduce. A lighting that is 10 years or older draws up to five times more energy than a new one and the energy that luminaires consume during operation also accounts for the greatest environmental impact that the lighting creates. Manufacturing, transport and recycling account for only 10% of the lighting's total environmental impact.

Ekonomisk belysning_ENG (3).JPG A common misconception is that LED lighting together with smart lighting control is much more expensive and not worth its price tag and thus something that is prioritized down. But the fact is that with the large energy savings you make annually with energy-efficient lighting, it will soon have paid off again and you will rather save money by having invested in a slightly more expensive - but smarter and better lighting system. 


Today's lighting solutions with LED and daylight and presence control can be as much as 80% more energy efficient than old lighting. The Swedish Energy Agency recommends changing lighting that is 15 years or older to save energy as well as get better and healthier light to work and be in. With daylight and presence control, you do not have to pay for light you don't actually use. The control system itself regulates the lighting based on whether someone is in the room and how much natural light enters the room through windows. On sunny days, for example, it is not necessary to have the lightning at full power, while dark winter evenings require more. The control system can regulate this itself. In other words, by getting modern lighting, you will in the long term save you a great amount of energy and money and get better and healthier lighting at the same time. 

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Smart lighting control

With smart, wireless lighting control, you easily get optimal light when and where you need it. The rest of the time you save both energy and money.

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