Vary the light with downlights and spotligh

Choosing downlights in the ceiling provides an even and pleasant light with good light distribution. There are several different models to choose from in terms of size, reflector, colour and beam angles. Some variants can be adjusted while others have a fixed location. There are also IP54 models for outdoor use. If you want to complement with accent lighting, spotlights fit well, they are mounted on a 3-phase rail and can both be rotated and tilted for a more focused light. A varied light with contrasts between light and darkness gives the room a pleasant atmosphere that creates well-being and peace.

Wallwashers are used to achieve an even trailing light over vertical surfaces such as walls or ceilings. It makes the room look brighter while you can lower the level in general in the room. Avoiding strong light everywhere creates a more pleasant environment and also reduces energy consumption.

Give your entrance a welcoming impression with the help of downlights. Conspecto CompoLED G2 is available with a higher IP class that can withstand even humid and weather-exposed environments. Multiple light points on the facade and lower luminous flux minimize the risk of a light dazzling in an unpleasant way.

Downlights can provide good complementary lighting together with other luminaires in the room. The light source is often placed high up in the luminaire, which means that you see the light coming from the luminaire but not the direct light source. The result is a comfortable and glare-free environment.

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