Sarek family

Sarek is a powerful luminaire family suitable for high mounting in warehouses, production halls and sport facilities. The product family consists of Sarek and Sarek Sport. With high quality optics  Sarek is a high-performance product with an outstanding efficacy. It offers up to 16 900 lumens and has a calculated LED life time of almost 150 000 hours (L70). The luminaire is easy to install since it is equipped with easy-access connection boxes with two cable entries at each end. The built in wire brackets makes the installation fast and flexible.

At a glance...

  • Superior efficacy, up to 166 lm/W
  • Designed and developed in Sweden
  • Optics MIRO 5 + microprism
  • Emergency versions
  • Warehouses, production facilities, sport arenas

Sarek Sport with sturdy square lamella. White lacquered
anticorrosive aluzink coated sheet steel.

Sarek is available as emergency versions and the LED
boards are designed specially for the Sarek family.

Family members