Kvill - the hovering luminaire

We met with Stefan Pettersson, product designer and creator of the newest family member Kvill in Aura Light’s product portfolio. We met in the nature reserve Kvill that gave inspiration to the project, not far from our production site in the south of Sweden. 
   - This is a fantastic nature reserve, where I often go to get inspired and to enjoy nature. Kvill is a classic luminaire for public environments but unique in its kind. Smart solutions that have led to reduced warehousing and transport costs have also resulted in fine design elements that can be examined in detail, says Stefan.
Kvill is available in three different sizes and with different mounting options. You can have it pendant, recessed, mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. In order to obtain a solution with accent light in the ceiling, Kvill has a distance to the ceiling, which makes it look hovering. In the project, Aura Light has collaborated with local suppliers as far as possible and with final assembly in Vimmerby, we can ensure a high product value for the end customer. Great focus has been placed on detail quality and material selection.
   - The goal was to create a perfectly brilliant surface and we have really succeeded with that. The adapted LED modules together with carefully selected optical materials ensure a high light quality for our customers. It is also very energy efficient, which saves the earth's resources, Stefan concludes.




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