Increased safety, well-being and sustainability with LED-lighting

Stoob - Alu-Sommer GmbH is one of the leading companies for aluminium glass facades in Central Europe with its headquarters in Stoob, Austria and branch offices in Hungary and Germany. The company employs approx. 300 people and produces approx. 100,000 sqm of aluminium-glass constructions annually on a production area of 21,000 sqm.  

LEDifying the company

“With the new lighting, our company is switching to much more efficient LED technology. Another reason for the change is the improvement in the lighting level offered by LEDs,” explains Bruno Stutzenstein, Facility Manager at Alu-Sommer. 

“It was very important to us to have only one contact person for the entire lighting project. Since the lighting had to be renewed in different rooms, only one supplier with a diverse product portfolio could be considered, who would supply the entire “package” if possible. With Aura Light, we have a partner who offers both innovative and sustainable solution concepts and the opportunity to cover our needs for lamps, luminaires and sensors with a single manufacturer. In addition to the product quality, we were convinced by the comprehensive service from lighting planning and concept development to on-site support. 

The different places of use and their ambient conditions placed many different demands on the lighting. Aura Light offered the right product for each of the different areas”.

Aura Lunaria meets all the requirements

“For the offices, for example, a luminaire was required that could be used in a variety of ways,” continues Stutzenstein. “The different ceiling qualities and room sizes of the offices required both different mounting options and luminaire formats”. The Aura Lunaria inlay luminaire, which won an award for its efficiency, absolutely met these requirements.  
Both the square and the rectangular model were installed here. Depending on the ceiling fixture the luminaire was used 

in combination with a mounting frame for plasterboard ceilings, a recess frame or a mounting frame. Furthermore, the lifetime of 70,000 hours was convincing (L70B10) (previously <20,000 hours), as well as the efficiency of 134lm/W (previously approx. 100lm/W) and the pleasant, even light distribution. The Aura Conspecto downlight was installed for the corridors. Aura Conspecto contains an exchangeable LED module, the CompoLED. ALU-SOMMER was impressed by the flexibility of being able to react to desired changes in room or lighting conditions without any cost or installation effort. 


Uniform lighting despite different ceiling heights

The Highbay luminaire Aura Certos was used in all production halls and warehouses. The challenge was to provide uniform lighting despite different ceiling heights. To achieve this, the luminaire was used in different wattages and beam characteristics. The Certos model with integrated emergency power module was chosen for the escape areas. This meant that the special requirements could be met with a luminaire with the same appearance and a separate product could be dispensed with. For a smaller production hall with a low ceiling height, the choice fell on the Upline continuous-row lighting system in the variant with gear tray and Aura UltiLED LED light source. 

“With the luminaires from Aura Light we were able to improve our production site ecologically, ecomically and ergonomically. This has enabled us to increase safety, especially in the production area, and to increase productivity and the well-being of our employees at the same time. We have massively reduced energy costs and environmental pollution and at the same time increased profitability,” says Bruno Stutzenstein of ALU-SOMMER.

“The different ceiling qualities and room sizes of the offices required both different mounting options and luminaire formats”.

The flexibility with the exchangeable ComoLED lightsource was an advantage

With different wattages depending on the height of the ceiling we could create unified lighting all over the production halls.