Casambi is a wireless control system based on Bluetooth, which gives you a future-proof, scalable and flexible lighting solution. Via the Casambi lighting control app, you get an overview of the lighting and can easily adjust and control it directly from your smartphone, smartwatch or tablet. This gives you the ability to customize light color, color temperature, groupings, animations, scheduling and much more to your needs. Or let the system handle it according to set preferences for the most energy efficient and comfortable lighting in your facilities.


Wireless communication between the luminaires with Bluetooth Mesh LE (low energy).


Easy to adapt when renovating or in a new facility thanks to the wireless communication.

Easy installation

Easy to install reduces installation costs and risk of errors.

User friendly

Simple user interface adapted for professional and home environments

Tunable White

Possible to regulate Tunable White systems as well as RGB in combination.


Gateway for access on distance, when you don't have direct contact with the Casambi network.

Casambi - wireless solution at its best

Our premium luminaire Sarek is now available with Casambi node inside. Combined with our new external sensors we can offer smart industrial solutions that cover large areas as well as high-bay solutions. Install new modern technology and recycle the existing wiring, that’s sustainable! Low energy consumption, as well as secure communication with well-known Bluetooth mesh!

Smart lighting solutions