Lower carbon footprint with sustainable material

For us at Aura Light, it is important to choose materials that last over time and that make as small a climate footprint as possible. By offering new energy-efficient technology, we help our customers reduce their energy consumption, sometimes up to as much as 80 percent.

But we want to do more! We are also looking at what materials we use in the development of new luminaires and this is a journey that has just begun. We look forward to expanding the collaboration with more suppliers and challenging ourselves by testing new and more sustainable materials. Today we have a collaboration with Hydro, which manufactures some of our aluminum profiles in recycled aluminum.


Hydro REDUXA is carbon dioxide-efficient aluminum when renewable energy sources such as water, wind and solar are used in the production. Thanks to the use of renewable energy sources, carbon dioxide emissions per kg of aluminum are reduced to less than a quarter of the global average. Hydro thus produces aluminum with one of the lowest emission levels in the world. Hydro REDUXA has a maximum CO2 of 4.0 kg per kilo of aluminum.

Aura Light's luminaire Helags is manufactured with Hydro REDUXA.


Hydro CIRCAL is recycled aluminum made with at least 75% recycled aluminum scrap after consumption. The 75% recycled materials are exclusively from aluminum which has reached its service life and which is used and returned to the loop via recycling. The aluminum can, for example, come from demolished construction projects, food and beverage containers and scrapped cars.

Using recycled aluminum in the production process also means lower heat, which in turn contributes to the need to generate less energy. Hydro uses only the finest and least polluted scrap materials to ensure that no additional energy is used to recycle it.

Aura Light produces Sevede, Exzite and Kvill for interior environments in Hydro CIRCAL.