A part of the solution

Lighting for a sustainable choise

Today, the possibilities are endless and the choices infinite. The trick is to make the right choice. When it comes to the future of our planet, the decisions you make today are crucial for tomorrow. That is why we focus on providing sustainable lighting solutions that make it easy for you to choose lighting that is good for you and for our planet.

Instead of resigning for climate change, we want to be part of the solution. We have therefore applied a Long Life Think to all our products. This means that our products must be of high quality,  have a long service life and low energy consumption. So that you can be satisfied with your lighting year after year and not have to buy new as often. Preferably as rarely as possible. It will be a win-win situation in every way: You get new lighting that improves the quality of the work environment while lowering energy consumption and giving the future a better view.

Global goals for sustainable development

The global goals for sustainable development have the power to create a better world, and we at Aura Light have embraced these to our business to be a part of creating a sustainable tomorrow.

Energy smart lighting

When we were founded, our mission was clear: to offer good lighting at the right price. That vision still stands today. We help our customers reduce their energy costs and environmental impact with energy-efficient lighting solutions with a long service life and high quality that they can feel satisfied with for many years to come.

Innovation as a core value

We work actively to contribute to this goal by constantly developing our product range for as little impact on the environment as possible. With energy-efficient lighting solutions and smart lighting control, you as a customer should easily get sustainable and quality lighting from us with minimal impact on the environment.

Long Life consumption

Long life products with timeless design have long been our guiding principle for offering lighting that requires minimal exchange and consumption. We also believe that knowledge and understanding of the effect of lighting is important, which is why we offer lighting schools and expert help. Aura Light is ISO certified for sustainable production and we are constantly working on improvements. We ensure that all our partners follow our rules and guidelines.

Made in Sweden

With our own factory in Sweden, we are close to our customers, have short transport distances and full review from start to finish.


With extensive expertise and comprehensive solutions, we help you get the lighting that suits you best, for an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable choice.

Innovations for the future

We strive to develop a product range that meets your requirements and stands for the future.

Sustainable workplace

How to create a more sustainable and comfortable workplace with lighting

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LED as the natural choice

LED should be a natural choice with its long service life, high efficiency and abscence of dangerous chemicals.

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Economical in the long run

There are major economical benefits in investing in sustainable lighting.

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Sustainable production line

With our own production in Vimmerby, we gain greater control of the entire production chain and can optimize production to make it more sustainable.

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The material of opportunity

In our journey towards creating even more sustainable lighting, we took a step back to our roots. With a strong connection to our Swedish nature, we chose to incorporate it in our lighting by choosing the renewable and environmentally friendly bio composite material DuraSense from Stora Enso as an alternative to new luminaires. With a material consisting of a mixture of plastic and wood fiber, we get a unique flexible and durable alternative that can live a circular life.

Certifications for sustainability

Sustainability is fundamental to the company's long-term success and an integral part of our management systems and an aspect of good business practice. Therefore, sustainability is included in the job descriptions within our organization.


- ISO 9001 Quality Management

- ISO 14001 Environmental management

- ISO 26000 Social responsibility

- ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems