Fluorescent light ban is here

T5 & T8 fluorescent and compact fluorescent tubes are now being phased out.

The time is here and T5 and T8 fluorescent and compact fluorescent tubes (CFL) are being phased out in accordance with the European Commission's ecodesign and RoHS directives. The reason is to remove the most energy- and resource-demanding products from the market and the use of environmentally hazardous mercury. Today (on the 24th of August 2023), all production and import of fluorescent tubes to the EU will be stopped in favor of LEDs. The ban on fluorescent tubes will be an important step towards a more efficient and sustainable Europe.


Why are fluorescent lights banned?

As part of the Global Goals and the EU's 2030 climate goals, the Ecodesign and RoHS directives work to ensure the high environmental performance of products in the EU. The Ecodesign Directive sets minimum requirements for products' environmental performance from an energy perspective and bans the most energy- and resource-demanding products on the EU market. Fluorescent tubes have significantly higher energy consumption and shorter lifespan than LEDs.

The RoHS directive restricts the use of hazardous chemical substances in all electrical and electronic equipment. Since 2009, the use of mercury in goods and equipment has been prohibited, with certain exceptions. One exception has been to use a limited amount of mercury in light sources, but this exception is now abolished by RoHS.


Important dates for phase-outs off fluorescent lights

Type Phase out dates
Compact fluorescent tubes, < 20 000 h lifetime Phased out 24 Feb 2023
Circular fluorescent tubes T5, T9 Phased out 24 Feb 2023
Fluorescent tubes T5  24 August 2023
Fluorescent tubes T8  24 August 2023
Compact fluorescent tubes, > 20 000 h lifetime 24 August 2023
Halogen lamps G9 (230 V) 1 September 2023
Low voltage halogen lamps G4 and GY6.35 1 September 2023

How will the phase-out affect me?

On 24 August 2023, fluorescent lights will be phased out, which means that all manufacture and import of these will be banned throughout the EU. After the phase-out, the remaining stocks may be sold off and it will continue to be permitted to use fluorescent tubes until they are used up.

T5 and T8 fluorescent and compact fluorescent tubes are still common today and can be found in everything from industries and parking garages to schools and public spaces. As many large facilities around the EU still have fluorescent lighting, there is now a high demand for these. A transition to LED can be both time-consuming and not always relevant for various reasons. Therefore, many fill up their stocks in order to be able to continue with the same lighting for a couple more years.

The availability of fluorescent light will be very uncertain after the phase-out, and for you with a fluorescent lighting installation today, it is important to as quickly as possible plan for how to face the phase-out. We can help you review your needs and make suggestions for suitable solutions based on your specific needs.

Handling the phase-out

For those of you with fluorescent tubes, it is important to review the lighting in good time, find out what alternatives there are, and plan for a suitable long-term solution.

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FAQ about the phase-out

T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent tubes (CFL) will be phased out of the European market. Want to know more? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Light consultation

Get help evaluating your existing solution and plan and prioritize the project. You will also receive a proposed solution as well as a calculation of energy savings and pay-off time.

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We help you step by step

Do you have old fluorescent light sources in your premises? After 24 August 2023, new production of these will be stopped, but existing lighting installations with fluorescent may be used and stocks sold out. On the other hand, it is a good idea to already now review what future-proof and sustainable lighting alternatives there are. We can help you, step by step, to find a solution that suits your application!

Inventory and evaluation

Together, we go through all the lighting that is available in the premises that are to be upgraded to determine what needs there are. Does everything need to be replaced or are the luminaires in such good condition that the light sources can be replaced with LEDs? Is the lighting also adapted to the room's design and purpose?


In what order should the lighting be replaced? Where there's the greatest energy saving? Fastest repayment period? Or where the need is greatest due to lack of lighting today?

Suggestions and calculations

When the basic work is done and the requirements established, we give you a proposal for a suitable lighting installation adapted to the room. We also make calculations on how much energy, costs and CO2 you can expect to save per year. In addition, our lighting designers can offer visualizations of the suggestions, so that you can get a picture of the end result.

Do you have questions about the phase out or LED? Contact us for more info!

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