Real reduction in energy consumption and much better lighting

Kongamek has gone from being a small mechanical workshop to one of Scandinavia's market-leading players in material handling products. They develop, manufacture and sell relief trolleys for all types of industries. For many years, they have also worked with sustainability and the environment and, among other things, switched to LED lighting in all their premises and operations.


The project, which started with a lighting inventory, aimed to make the premises both more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It resulted in nearly 1,000 fluorescent tubes being replaced with new and significantly more energy-efficient LED light sources. The payback time on the LED tubes was between 1 to 2 years depending on shift driving and daytime work in different departments.


Reduced energy consumption

Some of the older luminaires have also been replaced with new LED luminaires and energy consumption has decreased by a total of 57%. The general advantages of LED, in addition to better lighting, are low energy consumption and long durability. Thanks to the fact that LED does not attract dust, the light flux is maintained much better and the lifespan of the lighting is four times as long as before.
   “We did not think you would notice the change so well, but it was like night and day. It feels like a brand-new factory. Everyone has been very positive about the new lighting”, says Tony Engberg, Quality and Environmental Manager at Kongamek.

New energy-efficient high-bay warehouse

Just before the summer of 2020, the newly built high-bay warehouse was ready. It has an area of 3,000 m2 and 10 meters in ceiling height. Aura Light's lighting designer Joakim Lund made a couple of different proposals and light calculations that resulted in the installation of 65 industrial luminaires of the Sarek model as well as sensors for light control. Sarek has a very high efficiency and a high luminous flux, which means that it fits perfectly in industrial and warehouse premises with high ceilings.
   “The luminaires have a good spread and a good light that is not experienced glaring when you look at it. The truck drivers are all happy with the lighting in the new warehouse.


Easy to install

The installation was done by Brand El & Säkerhetsteknik in Blekinge AB and they thought that Sarek was very easy to install.
   “The light control has been used for several things. In our case, we have installed a couple of combi detectors for our automatic alarm where the trucks back in, so the alarm does not trigger due to the exhaust fumes. The activation (smoke and heat) of the decks takes place with the help of the sensors in the room.
   “We chose Aura Light as a supplier because we got a positive image of the company and we know that the products are of high quality. The collaboration has worked well on all levels”, says Tony.

A substantial reduction in energy consumption, as much as 57 percent, is the result of Kongamek switching to LED lighting. Nearly 1,000 fluorescent lamps have been replaced with LED light sources.

The narrow loading ramp is equipped with four Alekza luminares that make it easier for drivers to back in. Combi detectors for the automatic alarm, for smoke and heat, installed in the ramp is activated by means of the sensors in the high-bay warehouse.

The high-bay warehouse is equipped with Sarek industrial luminaire and sensors for lighting control. High efficiency and high luminous flux mean that Sarek is well suited for the premises ceiling height of 10 meters.

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