A sustainable production site

With knowledge of lighting, the potential to manufacture our own products and a long-term approach, we at Aura Light want to take an active role in creating sustainable lighting alternatives, from raw material to finished product.

With a factory and production line in Småland Vimmerby in Sweden, we are close to our customers. Here, a staff of almost 100 lighting experts work with product development for design, technology, testing and upgrading of lighting products. Here we also have our entire production team that manufactures, assembles, packages and ship our lighting products. Here we have the advantage and flexibility to develop and monitor a production line that is durable and clean, from start to end. Everything starts with the decision to go green. With an offshoot of the UN's global sustainability goals and target nine: Sustainable industry, innovations and infrastructure, we go step by step towards a more sustainable lighting production to meet the demands of the future.

Small efforts that make difference to the environment

At Aura Light, we have reduced waste from cardboard just over 30 percent by converting corrugated cardboard into filling material that can be reused for deliveries. The cardboard become shock absorbing mats that replace bubble wrap, paper and other packing material. An excellent way to reduce the use of plastic and reduce our costs for purchasing packaging materials. Simply good, cheap and environmentally friendly!

We have a large machinery park that has served us well for many years. As the old ones are replaced, we take the opportunity to choose energy-smart machines that provide minimal amount of waste and enable us to produce lighting in durable materials and in a greener way. Our goal is for all machines to be examined from a sustainability perspective before purchasing for the best possible environmental choice.

Much of our sustainability work results in one and the same positive profit - reduced transport. Long and heavy transport is a major environmental obstacle today and we want to pull our straw to the stack to reduce unnecessary transports. With smarter packaging, less waste, smarter logistics and new transport goals, we aim to transport greener.

With all the production in one place, we can easily monitor it step by step and ensure safe and minimal handling of chemicals, smarter and more energy efficient production and that all our employees can work in a safe, healthy and pleasant environment.

Recycling for circularity

Together with Stena Recycling we can give old material new life and all our waste is handled in a safe way. We are connected to El-kretsen for sustainable recycling.