27 questions answered by Patricia Oddshammar

In connection with Aura Light's 90th anniversary in 2020, we developed the concept luminaire Horisont. With a design that flirts with our previous products and equipped with the technology of the future, Horisont reflects both our history and our future. In addition, the luminaire is made of the biocomposite material DuraSense® from Stora Enso, a material that has a lower CO2 footprint than traditional material that are used for luminaires. We met with Patricia Oddshammar, Senior Vice President for Biocomposites at Stora Enso to ask her 27 questions about biocomposite as well, her job and what she does in her spare time.


Horisont - made of DuraSense

History meets future in our concept luminaire Horisont. Made of Biocomposite, equipped with the latest technology and inspired by retro design.