A visit to Aluwave, Mölndal

Close to central Gothenburg we find Aluwave, a company that specializes in the development and production of, among other things, LED modules Recently, we at Aura Light had the opportunity to visit them in their new facility to talk about our latest collaboration and discuss LED modules for upcoming products. 

The collaboration between Aura Light and Aluwave is based on a shared commitment to continuous improvement and sustainable lighting solutions. The result can be experienced in our new product Kleva, a luminaire that is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers one of the best light yields on the market. What makes Aluwave particularly unique is their ability to customize LED modules to specific needs, which has helped us optimize the LED technology for our products. By strategically placing the LED modules in the frame in Kleva, we achieved impressive energy efficiency and one of the best light outputs on the market.


"For us, future technologies represent not only a development path, but also an opportunity to promote the well-being and health of users through smart lighting. Our endeavor is to offer a lighting solution that not only effectively serves its purpose, but is also exceptionally energy efficient and healthy for users", says Torbjörn Jansson at Aluwave. 


By combining innovative technology with sustainable principles, together we strive to create a future that benefits human well-being and promotes sustainable lighting solutions.

The profile of recycled aluminum has good heat conduction capabilities, allowing the LED modules to operate at an optimal temperature.

In the Kleva industrial luminaire and in future luminaires, every detail is carefully considered.

Kleva has a newly developed LED technology with well thought-out placement in the frame, which guarantees a very energy-efficient product.

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