Premium products

Our premium products are distinguished by high performance with very good technical properties and a number of other beneficial features that make them the obvious choice for those who prioritize lighting of the highest quality. Common to the products is also that they are available in a number of different variants and can be customized according to wishes and needs. In addition, they can also be equipped with smart control. Several of the luminaires are extra sustainable and energy efficient as they have been developed by our team in Vimmerby where components and materials have been carefully selected with respect to the environment. This makes the luminaires energy-efficient but also resource-friendly with a long service life.

Discover our premium range of industrial luminaires such as Kleva, Helags, Aspa and Certos - optimal for industry, warehouses, public spaces and retail. Also included is a selection of our office luminaires such as Kvill, Aura Lunaria, Sevede and Cellini - ideal for corridors, office environments and public spaces.

Our premium products are

  • High-end luminaires with outstanding technical characteristics.
  • Extra good optics that provide very good glare control and an even light.
  • Sustainable luminaires with a low CO2 climate footprint .
  • Flexible luminaires with the possibility of customization.
  • High lumen per watt with the possibility of smart control for energy optimization.

Our premium products

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