27 frågor till Peter Mannhart


Peter Mannhart är ny VD för Aura Light. Vi ville lära känna honom bättre så vi utmanade honom med 27 snabba frågor, både personliga och professionella. Du hör svaren i filmen.


Alla frågor och svar:

Hi, hi Peter, 
Good to see you.
Thanks for meeting with me.
How are you doing
I’m am good, thank you. 27 questions. Are you ready.?
Yes, lets go.
Lets do this

How are you doing today?
I´m fine. Really I mean, we have beautiful wheater and nice company so what else can I ask for. 

What do you do at Aura Light?
I actually took over the position of CEO a couple of months ago and now I´m trying to develop the company even further to the next level in a nice and challenging way. 

You started there 2 months ago – what is the best thing about Aura so far?
Ah, no doubt, the team spirit, to be very honest, I was impressed from day one about that. It is amazing to see that and this is something we will carry over now to keep the motivation even in difficult times. 

What's the first thing on your to-do list?
I have scheduled meetings with our offices in Oslo and Helsinki. 

You are from Munich – now working in Stockholm right -  Stockholm or Munich?
Answer: Haha, no doubt, living in the Nordics because me ad my wife comes from  the north parts of Germany anyway, but go the biergarten in Munich

Best time of the day?
Early morning

Well, I like the light in the morning and I also like when the city wakes up.

When are you the most inspired?
Actually the nature, sailing, mountain biking, hiking

What are you currently reading?
It’s a biography of a German lady called Sahra Wagenknecht, she was the leader of the left wing party in Germany

Coffee or tea?

Which one is your favorite app?
At the moment Google Translate, haha…

What makes you smile the most?
When the entire family, the big family gets together. Four generations having fun together. That makes me happy.

The best thing about your job?
I like meeting people, different backgrounds, different cultures, that inspire me.

The best invention ever? 

Which one is the best product from Aura Light?
I like Zeres Pendant 

I like the reduced design, functionality and beautiful design

What is the biggest challenge within the lighting industry, in your opinion?
I think the biggest challenge for the companies in the lighting industry is to change. DNA, processes and focus. That is not easy but it is necessary.

What is the biggest opportunity within the lighting industry in your opinion?
Well, quite honestly I mean, first of all we are in a growing industry and it is nice to be in a growing industry because then you have a lot of opportunities. You only have to play your cards right. 

Your best light moment?
My best light moment is when we got our daughter out of the Mother Theresa home in India.

What thing/product can you not live without?
Actually, shower and toothbrush, haha..

If you have to choose one?
Difficult, shower, haha.

 How would you define yourself in three words?
I need 4. 
Go ahead.
Enjoy what you´re doing

The best project you have worked with?
That was a project in Italy, to illuminate the Sistine Chapel in Rome. 
Yes, that was very special and inspiring. 

How do you spend your Saturday?
Well, usually I start with a long breakfast with the family and then we go out, in the nature,

What talent do you wish you had? 
I wish I would be as visionary as Steve Job was. 

Car or bike?

What advice would you like to give your employees?
Well, you don´t have to make every point, every single point, but you should do the big points.
That was a good one, thanks you very much Peter and break a leg on your new job! 

Thanks a lot
See you  around
Bye, bye