Even with fewer luminaires the light level has increased, at the same time as the energy consumption as reduced

The school Folkungaskolan is a big, magnificent building in Linköping build in the beginning of the 20th century. The school houses both elementary school and upper secondary school, with nearly 1200 students and a teaching staff of about 100 people. Already when the school was founded in 1914, it was said that the school would meet modern requirements for a healthy and good teaching environment.

The same is still relevant today, with continuous maintenance renovations and improvements to the school's premises. Now, most recently, the interior has been renovated and upgraded and so also the lighting. The old worn-out lighting were to be replaced and upgraded to energy-efficient LED to create better lighting and a sound, good teaching environment for students and teachers, but also to reduce energy consumption. Three years ago, the project to upgrade the lighting started by initially installing the pendant luminaire Lezzon and the  lighting Znap in two classrooms. There was a noticeable improvement with the new lighting and the students and teachers who worked there were very satisfied with the result. After that, the ball was put into rolling properly. Gradually, in fits and starts, the classroom lighting has been replaced to Lezzon and Znap, in the corridors the Aura Lunaria Pro LED panel has been installed  and the popular pendant luminaire Exzite was placed in the teaching rooms.

- A crucial reason for the choice of lighting and why we chose Aura Light was that we did not have increase the number of luminaires per classroom. All other competitors suggested nine luminaires per classroom, but with Aura Light it was enough with six in a standard classroom. Even though we have fewer luminaires, we have increased the light level, at the same time as we have reduced the effect, says Johan Svensson from Vallacom.

In conjunction with the new luminaires, lighting control has been installed in the form of HF sensors, compared with before when it was only the on/off solution throughout the school. With the upgrade from the old luminaires with T8 fluorescent lamps to this LED solution with lighting control, the ernergu consumtion has been calculated to reduce by 50 %.

- I have  worked with Aura Light for a long time now and always received good service and help with the light calculations, says Johan. Martin [Aura Light seller] comes here and we look at the project, discuss and come up with a proposal. It is just to hand over the criterias and I'll get what I want.

Aura Lunaria Pro in the corridors

Only 6 Lezzon luminaires was needed in order to create a good light level in a classroom

Exzite was installed in the teachers rooms