High quality optic

Brahe uses LEDiL's premium optic, Daisy, for optimal lighting and high visual comfort. We had the privilege to discuss the benefits of Daisy together with LEDiL.

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Good features

Brahe has a number of beneficial features that make it an excellent choice. The luminaire is equipped with the latest LED technology using the most efficient diodes on the market, ensuring long life and high light output.

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Flexible solutions

Brahe's functions not only make installation easy, but also allow you to customize the lighting to your specific needs and preferences.

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Inspiration from Brahehus

We develop and create our own luminaires at our facility in Vimmerby and they are named after inspiring places in nature.  Brahe is therefore named after the impressive Brahehus castle ruin near Gränna. With a spectacular view of Lake Vättern, the shape and light of the ruin has been a source of inspiration for the name.