Exzite family

Exzite is a self-developed product series of pendant luminaires adapted for schools and offices. The luminaire is white as standard but can also be customized with decorative sides in the desired NCS color. Exzite is available as tunable white and with smart functions such as ActiveAhead-2. The whiteboard luminaire provides an efficient and optimal light on vertical surfaces, it can also be wall-mounted. Exzite has a very high lumen output and good anti-glare.

At a glance

  • Designed and developed in Sweden
  • Pendent or wall mounted
  • Different colours/customizations
  • Asymmetrical lens technology (whiteboard)
  • Available with Active Ahead-2
  • Office, school

Add colour to your Exzite

By choosing coloured sides, you can easily make Exzite become a part of or break the design language of the interior. If you are interested in this tailor-made solution, contact your seller.

Exzite has housing made of extruded aluminium for good heat dissipation, micro prism diffuser or a double parabolic aluminium reflector in efficient MIRO 5 for the direct light and a opal plate as diffuser for the indirect light.

Family members