Aura Unique-L Long Life

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  • Energy efficient
  • High lumen output and low energy consumption
  • Long Life reduces your maintenance by two thirds
  • Guarantee: 30,000 h service life with magnetic ballast + Starter, 42,000 h electronic ballast, warm start

Aura Unique L Long Life is a tri-phosphor lamps with high colour rendering and ideally suited in applications that need high light output. It is a Long Life compact fluorescent lamp developed to reduce maintenance.

    • Electric Data
    • Ballast type Electronic Control Gear
    • Mercury content, mg 2.5
    • Technical Data
    • Capbase/socket 2G11
    • Lifetime
    • Nominal Lifetime 48 000 (Medellivslängd)
    • Photometric Data
    • Color Rendering Index (CRI) ≥80
    • SDCM N/A

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Luminous flux (lm)
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Luminous flux (lm)
Wattage (W)