Plan your Aura Light luminaires with the DIALux plug-in

DIALux is the software for professional light planning and is used by light planners and designers all over the world. DIALux helps you plan and visualize lighting installations in your specific building.

All Aura Light luminaires are now part of DIALux – all you need to do is to download the plug-in. The software is free.


DIALux PlugIn                                                                                       


Download BIM files



Grönpil.png Aura Lunaria - Revit (1908) 
Grönpil.png  Ezxite - Revit (1908)



Grönpil.png Aura Lunaria - Archicad (1908)
Grönpil.png Exzite - Archicad (1908)