Dali BT Bluetooth 4.0

Article number 9417004

Aura Lights Tunable white products are delivered with DALI DT8 compatibility, to allow for an easy integration to a wide range of different control systems. DALI is a well-known standard followed by the majority of the suppliers of lighting control systems, you can choose from simple stand-alone systems to more complex BMS systems.


    • Functions
    • Programming Dali Cockpit software & Mobile App
    • Inputs 2x Dali-Bus
    • Control scenes Dali Bluetooth Interface
    • Detection
    • Operation range up 10m
    • RF Range 2,48 GHz Bluetooth
    • Output DALI
    • Output channel DALI
    • Working temperature range -20°C ….+75°C
    • Technical data
    • Mounting Recessed
    • Material ABS
    • Powering Dali-bus power
    • Approvals, declarations and certifications
    • Compliance CE; REACH; RoHS
    • Guarantee, years 3