Helags - High & Low

High energy efficiency - low consumption

Helags is an interesting product in many ways. It was created to be an industrial luminaire for high ceiling heights, but thanks to its large variations in luminous flux, it is also suitable for all types of applications with lower ceiling heights, such as corridors and stores. It is available with three different light distributions: wide, medium and narrow. The luminaire housing is made of low-carbon aluminum - Hydro REDUXA - which lower the product's climate footprint. With its white painted surface and modern lens technology, Helags is also really stylish and is not perceived as the classic industrial luminaire. With its high-quality components it is designed to last for a long time and the LED module is replaceable according to the new EU directive. The luminaire is available in IP classes IP23 and IP54 and thus also withstands tougher environments with dirt and dust.

The lighting designer's advice

Take part in our lighting designer Gabriella's advice about how Helags industrial luminaire can be used for varied types of applications.

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Body with low-carbon footprint

To contribute to reduced carbon dioxide emissions, Helags housing is made of REDUXA, a low-carbon aluminum from Hydro in Vetlanda, Sweden.

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Helags - what does the installer think

We let the electrician Jimmy, at Strömstyrkan Vimmerby, install Helags and also tell us what he thinks about the luminaire's properties.

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Different light beams

Helags is available with three different beam angles as standard. Wide intended for slightly lower ceiling heights in, for example, corridors or lighter industries. Medium for all types of purposes in industrial environments, but also for warehouses or department stores. Narrow adapted for very high ceiling heights where you need to get the light down properly to the floor. An example is warehouses with high ceilings. Even the variants with high luminous fluxes are visually very pleasing thanks to very good dimout.

Good qualities make Helags a good choice

Several properties make Helags to a very flexible luminaire. Both driver and LED modules are replaceable, without need to dismantle the luminaire. It also has through wiring as standard, which means great time savings during installation. By choosing high-quality components, it is also guaranteed that the luminaire has a long lifetime.