Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

Light has a powerful effect on your daily rhythm. The right light makes your day better.

Light affects the way we feel and work. Light also has a great impact on our emotions and the right lighting conditions help us perform better. Light also affects us biologically. The eye has so-called retinal ganglia cells, the third receptor, which are cells that respond to cool blue-white light by blocking the hormone melatonin, which helps the body understand that it is daytime. This means that you feel more alert by blue and cooler light.  We feel better when the light follows the natural rhythm of the dune.

Human Centric Lighting is a holistic way of seeing how light affects us. With the help of lighting we can recreate the natural daylight and natural rhythm, which makes us feel betterand more energetic. This is especially important during the dark months as well as for people who are indoors all day or most of the day. It is important for offices, schools, hospitals, elderly homes to name a few. Daylight-like light, colder light, during working hours seems to be activating and warmer and/or dimmed light after working hours helps to relax in the evening. 

Tunable White

Aura Light is offering Tunable white on several of our luminaires in which you can adjust the colour temperature, you can choose if you want the light to be colder or warmer. Tunable white can increase productivity in the workplace, increase patient well-being in medical facilities and optimize the lighting conditions in industries and logistics centers. 
With tunable white, you can change the colour temperature from warm white to cool white. A warm, relaxing light often gives you a soft start to the day
or helps you wind down at night. A cooler light during the day energizes you and makes you more productive.
But lighting is very individual and largely depends on who and where you are. With tunable white you can adjust the light levels and light temperatures to your own preferences. Join us on our journey towards personalized lighting.

Create your perfect day!

Shift from warm to cool, relaxed to alert.

Tunable white is a technology where the luminaire is equipped with diff erent types of LEDs, which makes it possible to adjust the white light temperature along the planckian curve from warm white to cool white. With tunable white, you can create the perfect atmosphere for the moment, while achieving positive impact on people.

With tunable white, we can create a natural circadian rhythm. In the morning and evening a warmer light could be preferred which helps us relax. During the work day, we could benefi t from a slightly cooler light that helps us staying alert and productive. Create your perfect day with tunable white and increase your focus and promote wellness in your daily life.


Test yourself how it works and see the effect of warm and cold light during the day and evening:

Assortment Tunable White

Cold or warm light?

Smart, energy-efficient lighting for their new premises.

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