Aura Connect

Aura Connect is Aura Light’s solutions of smart lighting with wireless communication. We work together with our partners Helvar and Casambi and can offer a range of intelligent luminaires with the two systems ActiveAhead and Casambi. With Aura Connect lighting solutions you get automatically managed lighting control that ensures you get good lighting levels where and when you need it. For optimal energy efficiency and reduced energy costs, Aura Connect adapts so you don't have unnecessary light lit when there's no need for it. With quick installation and the ease of use, you save a lot of time and get a lighting system ready to use immediately.

The lighting control systems are  ideal for offices, stairwells and open spaces.

Aura Connect - Smart systems

  • Energy savings
  • Easy use and installation
  • High visual comfort
  • Responsive
  • Flexible
  • Bluetooth Mesh


ActiveAhead is a self-learning system from Helvar. They hav developed an algorithm that allows the sensors to learn how people move and can thus light up your path in good time, but also switch off afterwards.

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Casambi is a wireless control system based on Bluetooth, which gives you a future-proof, scalable and flexible lighting solution.

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ActiveAhead Generation 2

ActiveAhead is a self-learning, wireless and scalable control system that teaches itself where, when and how to illuminate. Each luminaire is equipped with a Bluetooth mesh networking ActiveAhead node that collects data from its own and surrounding luminaires' sensors. In this way, ActiveAhead continuously learns how the premises are used and can thus optimize the lighting to create optimal light for comfort, well-being and safety while maximizing energy efficiency and thus reduce the costs.


Read and download the brochure about Aura Connect - ActiveAhead.


The ActiveAhead nodes in each luminaire communicate wirelessly with each other to collect data on how, where and when lighting is needed.

Easy installation

No control cables, no programming or configuration required. Just mount the luminaires and connect to power and ActiveAhead is ready to start learning


In addition to creating light where it is needed, ActiveAhead also regulates the lighting when it is not needed for energy-smart use.


Based on Bluetooth, it is easy to expand the system as needed and you are ready for future developments.


ActiveAhead easily creates optimal lighting right from the start and automatically adjusts for changes. In addition, you can adjust the lighting yourself as needed in the app.

More insights

The system's intelligence and memory generate an insight into how the premises are used for further optimization.

Reference: Aura Connect in Ramboll's head office

A lighting solution from Aura Light equipped with Helvar's control system ActiveAhead proved to be a perfect match with Ramboll's cornerstones - digitization and sustainability. With this lighting solution at their headquarters in Helsinki, Ramboll receives data on how the building is used and can thus maximize the use of light for a sustainability purpose.



Casambi is a wireless control system based on Bluetooth, which gives you a future-proof, scalable and flexible lighting solution. Via the Casambi lighting control app, you get an overview of the lighting and can easily adjust and control it directly from your smartphone, smartwatch or tablet. This gives you the ability to customize light color, color temperature, groupings, animations, scheduling and much more to your needs. Or let the system handle it according to set preferences for the most energy efficient and comfortable lighting in your facilities.


Wireless communication between the luminaires with Bluetooth Mesh LE (low energy).


Easy to adapt when renovating or in a new facility thanks to the wireless communication.

Easy installation

Easy to install reduces installation costs and risk of errors.

User friendly

Simple user interface adapted for professional and home environments.

Tunable White

Possible to regulate Tunable White systems as well as RGB in combination.


Gateway for access on distance, when you don't have direct contact with the Casambi network.

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