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Today we work in a completely different way in our offices than we did a few years ago. It's becoming more common with open-plan offices, activity-based rooms and the opportunity to vary your workplace for the day, depending on  task and needs. As our work patterns change, it must also be ensured that the office lighting can be adapted for both the task and the individual needs. Variation, glare, illuminance and distribution are some important components to keep in mind when lighting office planning.

Here we have gathered knowledge, references and products for office lighting.

Plan the office light

A well-planned office light contributes to well-being and creativity. In addition to illuminating the workplace itself, it is important to create variation with the ambient light.

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Popular products for Office lighting

Lighting for work, meeting points and team work

At Bixia, the lighting played a bigger role than just giving light. It is also part of the interior design and increases the general well-being in the office.