Calculate your savings with LED

Quick payoff with LED

Energy prices are higher than ever and next year fluorescent tubes will be phased out. Switching to energy-efficient LED has never been as relevant and profitable as it is now. Try our LED-calculator below to calculate your possible savings.

One of our customers in Blekinge with large business premises will, in autumn 2022, upgrade 1,600 fluorescent Long Life fluorescent tubes to LED tubes with direct replacements. With energy prices of SEK 3/kWh, we calculated that the payback period is just under three months!


  Long Life tubes LED tubes
  Investment costs SEK 200 000 SEK 240 000 
  Energy consumption, kWh 326 480 kWh 128 260 kWh
  Operating costs/year SEK 989 157 SEK 401 104
  CO2 emissions/year 24 830 kg 9 765 kg
  ROI change to LED  2,8 months


Our fluorescent Long Life fluorescent tubes have about the same lifespan as LEDs, but are half as energy efficient. In large industries and premises like this, a switch to LED is quickly noticeable on the electricity bill. Add that LEDs do not contain mercury and you quickly halve your carbon footprint.



Calculate your savings by replacing old T8 light source with LEDs

By replacing your traditional T8 fluorescents with directly replaceable LED fluorescents, you can make big cost savings while making a good choice for our planet through reduced CO2 emissions. Aura Light has several different LED fluorescent lamps that fit into existing luminaires with traditional technology.

Feel free to test our sample calculator to get an indication of how much you can save! 

Note that this is an example. For a more accurate calculation for your specific facility, we ask you to contact one of our salespeople and we will help you.


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