The lighting of the future is smart

Together with Helvar, we offer the smart lighting of the future. With the AI ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology ActiveAhead, the lighting learns to turn on and off depending on how the room is used and how people move. Therefore no pre-programming is required but the installation is quick and easy. We offer the technology in many of our luminaires. 


The ActiveAhead nodes in each luminaire communicate wirelessly with each other to collect data on how, where and when lighting is needed.

Easy installation

No control cables, no programming or configuration required. Just mount the luminaires and connect to power and ActiveAhead is ready to start learning


In addition to creating light where it is needed, ActiveAhead also regulates the lighting when it is not needed for energy-smart use.


Based on Bluetooth, it is easy to expand the system as needed and you are ready for future developments.


ActiveAhead easily creates optimal lighting right from the start and automatically adjusts for changes. In addition, you can adjust the lighting yourself as needed in the app.

More insights

The system's intelligence and memory generate an insight into how the premises are used for further optimization.

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Innovative lighting control at Bravida office.

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Smart lighting solutions

Aura Lunaria G5- ActiveAhead-2

With Aura Lunaria - ActiveAhead you get smart lighting that learns where and when to light - and not. Meet our Product Manager Rasmus Andersson and learn more about the technology.

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Rasmus Andersson

Head of Product Management

Head of Sales, Sweden