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Discover our world of knowledge, trends and products. Here we gather knowledge that we discover in our daily activities in the form of interviews of interesting people, trends, events, guides and much more.

Upcoming webinar

Welcome to a new webinar: "Smarter lighting with ActiveAhead G2" on May the 20th!

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Cellini Panel in 75 sek

Our product manager Rasmus Andersson presents the Cellini panel and family to you.

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27 questions... Patricia Oddshammar, Senior Vice President of Biocomposites at Stora Enso.

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Digital light school

Everything you want to know about LED, light and health, finances and the environment and how we can help you.

Z44 S in 90 sek

Our salesman Staffan gives you a presentation of the Z44 S so that you can get acquainted with this powerful luminaire.

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27 questions... Peter Mannhart , the CEO of Aura Light

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Interesting light

Lighting designer Erika Petersson at Aura Light tells about LED panels and its advantages.

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Meet our Product Manager Rasmus Andersson and learn more about the ActiveAhead technology.

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Sarek in 90 seconds

Our salesman Staffan give you a presentation of Sarek so you can get acquainted with this powerful piece.

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Sustainable innovations

Did you miss our live event? No worries, you'll find it here (in Swedish)

Greetings from

...our factory in Vimmerby where there is full activity.

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Top of the line

Choose the LED panel that suits your need

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Industrial lighting

Sarek is our powerful industrial luminaire for high altitudes.

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Aura Connect

Aura Light’s solutions of smart lighting with wireless communication between luminaires.

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