Sides of natural and untreated natural materials

These beautiful decorative sides from Organoid are manufactured in a CO2-neutral process in Austrian Tyrol. The production does not generate dangerous emissions and the material is also allergy tested. The untreated plant parts have largely retained their original appearance, feel and scent. No artificial aromas or colors are added. Natural materials are mixed with an organic binder and then compressed into a thin layer during a thorough pressing process. With Exzite limited edition, you have the closeness to nature even in your interior spaces. Which variant suits you best - rose petals or cornflowers?

Organoid's philosophy of sustainability

On Organoid's website you can read more about how they create their beautiful and natural products with both technical and craft knowledge. With organic and regionally produced raw materials, production takes place in a patented process with the environment in focus.

Accessories Organoid


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