Interesting light

Lighting designer Erika Petersson at Aura Light tells about LED panels and its advantages.

Interview with our lighting designer Erica

LED panels have long been a popular choice for general indoor lighting. We sat down with light designer Erica Petersson at Aura Light to talk about LED panels. What makes them so popular?

- LED panels are a very versatile product that fits a variety of environments. They are easy to install and regardless of what requirements are placed on the luminaire, there is almost always a product that fits, says Erica.

In Aura Light's product range it is possible to find different variants of LED panels with everything from variations in size to different properties to suit different environments.

- Aura Light's LED panels are incredibly energy efficient and have a solid design while being very thin, which makes it possible to install almost anywhere. Since they are available in a variety of designs, there is something that works for all environments. Now, the Aura Lunaria G5 panel is also equipped with the latest control technology ActiveAhead generation 2 or Casambi. It feels incredibly exciting to work with, says Erica. 

Erica is located in Aura Light’s office in Jönköping together with the rest of the team of light designers. As a lighting designer, she works closely with the customer to develop the optimal lighting solution for the customer's needs and wishes. There are several parameters that play a role at the sketch table when Erica is planning a new lighting object. The lighting should not only provide a good light, but also go well with the surrounding environment and act as a natural part of the interior design.

- LED panels are a popular product, which can lead to many environments having a similar expression. I try to take advantage of the versatility and with simple means create a more interesting environment. Placing the panels in a pattern instead of the usual grid is the easiest way to make the environment more interesting, Erica explains. Combining LED panels with Tunable White and a skylight module is my best tip for reducing the monotony in environments where the amount of light admission is limited.

Skylight modules are an extra recessed ceiling box which, in combination with Tunable White, imitates daylight in a very good way and makes long days in an office easier as one can follow the natural light rhythm even indoors. Erica is positive about the new accessory patterns that the company has developed.

In our range, we have many good accessories that with simple means change the appearance of the LED panel. Our decor panels are the most interesting one according to me. Decor panels in a variety of designs placed on the LED panels are an optimal accessory for changing or upgrading a traditional product to something modern.
Today it is possible to find more than 20 different variants of accessories and designs in the Aura Light range for LED panels and more are on the sketch table. In addition, there is the possibility, in consultation with Aura Light’s product developer, to produce their own pattern according to their own taste and taste or why not a pattern in the form of the company’s logotype.