Being part of the solution

We see environmental work and social and financial responsibility as fundamental for the company’s long-term success. These factors shape our operations and create valuable opportunities for us and our customers. At Aura Light we believe that sustainability is a necessary part of good business practice and we do everything we can to contribute to a more sustainable society. 

Aura Light AB is certified against ISO14001: 2015, which places demands on us in the form of documentation. We also work actively to map our environmental impact and on that basis we make changes and improvements in our routines and processes to reduce our environmental impact. This is an ongoing work, even though our impact is marginal from a global perspective, we feel a great responsibility that we must constantly streamline and develop our environmental work.

- ISO 9001 Quality Management

- ISO 14001 Environmental management

- ISO 26000 Social responsibility

- OHSAS  18001:2007 Occupational health and safety assessment

We do our part, and yours

Energy efficient

We do constant research and development to create new, more efficient and sustainable lighting solutions that can help you reduce your energy consumption

Long Life

Long Life has been our key koncept for many years. The longer the life span our products can get, the less consumption and the exchange of light sources you need to do.

Made in Sweden

With our production plant in Vimmerby, we can not only reduce transport costs but also get a full overview of a sustainable production chain.


We have come a long way, but we are far from satisfied.We continuously try to find better and more sustainable ways to work and operate in the lighting industry.