Myths & truths about LED

What is true and what is not true when talking about LED tubes? Many propositions are circulating and this has led to some misleading rumors. We clear up some of the most frequently asked questions.

LED myth 1: I have to rebuild the entire luminaire before installing LED tubes.

False – In the vast majority of luminaires, it is fine to replace a fluorescent tube with a LED tube without any other measures. For special HF drivers and AC tubes, you may need to do additional work, but in 9 out of 10 cases, it is possible to change from standard to LED tubes.


LED myth 2: If I switch to LED tubes, the CE marking does not apply.

False - Since you don’t do any harm to the luminaire, but only change the fluorescent tube, the CE marking* remains.


LED myth 3: If I change from conventional fluorescent tubes to LED tubes I risk getting a worse light.

False – Some LED tubes may have a slightly lower rating lumen output than equivalent fluorescent tubes, but since LED tubes have directed light, the light intensity, and illuminance will still be similar or better.


LED myth 4: LED tubes have a poorer lifetime compared to the conventional fluorescent tubes.

False – LED tubes have a significantly longer lifetime than the equivalent standard fluorescent tubes and better maintenance of the amount of light throughout their lifetime.


LED myth 5: LED tubes have a worse CRI value** than conventional fluorescent tubes.

False – The color rendering of LED lamps is similar to or better than fluorescent lamps.


LED myth 6: LED tubes are not dimmable.

Dot_forrest.pngTrue – With very few exceptions LED tubes are not dimmable.


*The CE marking shows that the product meets EU standards for safety, health, and environmental protection.

**CRI indicates color rendering.



Aura LED Opti T8 HF G3_slim.png

Some luminaires need to be adapted to work with LED fluorescent tubes

If the luminaire is equipped with a starter, a magnetic ballast is used and all T8 LED tubes for CCG (magnetic ballast) will work. If the luminaire is equipped with an HF driver (electronic ballast), check that the relevant type of HF driver can be found in our published compatibility list (you can find the lists here). This applies to both T8 HF and T5 HF.


Compatibility determines whether a change of driver is enough 

If the existing HF driver is not compatible, the solution is to change to a compatible HF driver or to change the luminaire to 230V AC, in other words, directly to an electrical outlet without a driver. This can be done for both T8 and T5 luminaires.