Lighting for outdoor

Lighting for all type of outdoor applications. Roads, tunnels, parking and
transportation areas. Also for facades and stairwells outdoor.



At airports, train stations and harbors a lot of passengers are continuously passing through on their way to their destination. At airports, train stations and harbors, travelers are continuously passing through. Lighting for transportation areas should be low maintenance and save energy.

Because of the need for safety and personal security, parking areas are often lit 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Few other spaces in commercial or industrial real estate have such intermittent tenant usage. The energy savings potential is therefore very high, as they are large in size and lighting densities are high. Aura Light understands your needs.

The lighting of roads and tunnels has security implications. Good light means good visibility and fewer accidents. This is why many customers worldwide trust Aura Light to give them the best lighting solutions for their needs.

With Aura Light’s sustainable lighting solutions we help you to get light that needs less maintenance and uses less energy. Our solutions are economically beneficial for you but also beneficial for our environment.

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