Aura OptiT8 Long Life

A LED retrofit replacing T8 fluorescent in luminaires with magnetic ballasts

Aura OptiT8 Long Life is a highly efficient LED T8 retrofit tube that delivers excellent energy efficiency, high quality of light, and has a rated system lifetime of 50 000 hours. It is intended to be used as a quick solution to save energy in existing luminaire installations replacing T8 fluorescent lamps operated by magnetic ballasts. With minimal effort it is possible to safely upgrade installations to the newest LED technology. Aura OptiT8 Long Life provides instant energy saving without expensive installation costs. Aura OptiT8 Long Life is a replaceable T8 retrofit LED light source with integrated driver and heat sink, for easy replacement of fluorescent T8 tubes operated by magnetic ballasts in existing luminaire installations. It is ideal for customers who wish to reduce energy costs with minimal effort, and at the same time get a high quality of light. It is intended for direct replacement of fluorescent tubes in luminaires operated today with magnetic ballasts.


  • High efficacy, up to 160 lm/W
  • High lightoutput, up to 4000lm
  • SDCM 3
  • ENEC certified (IEC62776)
  • Overvoltage protection up to 6kV

Application areas

Offices, Production, Retail, Signs

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Technical details


Aura OptiT8 provides high efficacy, with a fluorescent look to the tube. The quality of light is high, with colour rendering of more than 80 and with an initial chromaticity tolerance of maximum 3 SDCM. It comes equipped with rotatable end-caps making it possible to fine-tune direction of the light after installation. The rated system lifetime L70B10 (i.e. 90% of light sources still have at least 70% of initial lumen output) for Aura OptiT8 Long Life is 50,000 hours (Ta 25°C). Calculated LED lifetime according to TM-21 as per below table.


It is intended for direct replacement of fluorescent tubes in luminaires operated today with magnetic ballasts. The end caps can rotate 90 degrees in both directions.


5 years

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