Aura CompoLED G2 Long Life

With QuickChange™ easy mounting system

Aura CompoLED G2 Long Life is a flexible LED light source with endless choices. The COB (chip on board) technology makes it possible to change the light output and colour temperature on demand. Aura CompoLED G2 Long Life is not a retrofit LED lamp, but a LED light source for professional LED luminaires and solutions. It gives you all the benefits of the latest LED technology today while ensuring that you can easily upgrade your lighting installation without having to replace the entire LED luminaire, as LED technology continues to develop.

Aura CompoLED G2 Long Life has a bayonet socket which makes it easy to replace with another light colour, beam angle or a more efficient future version.

Special versions:
- Crisp White, for brighter white
- Crisp Colour, makes colours pop and makes fabrics come to life
- Fresh food, makes meat, fish, and bread & pastries more appealing for fresh groceries
- Dim to warm and Tunable white for a complete flexible light colour range


  • Flexibility in focus
  • Adjustable light-output with CRI80 or CRI90
  • Available with Tunable White, Dim to Warm, Crisp White, Crisp Colour and Fresh Focus technology
  • Fully dimmable
  • 60.000 hours life-time guarantee (L70)

Application areas

Offices, Retail

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Technical details


Colour rendering index: CRI > 80 / CRI > 90 Initial colour accuracy: 3 SDCM Beam angle: 25° / >120° Ambient temperature: -30°C - + 50°C Max TC temperature: + 80°C Socket: G46d Controllability: Fully dimmable Burning position: u360 Maximum drive current: 900 mA (DimToWarm 950mA) Weight: 55 g without reflector (120°), 146 g with reflector (25°), 73 g with lens (360°)


Aura CompoLED G2 Long Life uses the QuickChange™ easy mounting system for a quick replacement and upgrading of LED light source in luminaires. The QuickChange™ labeling means that the luminaire is modular and that the LED light source easily can be replaced. The lamp holder is based on the G46d standard. It has 4 pressure points to ensure maximum heat transfer from CompoLED to the heat sink.


Aura CompoLED G2 Long Life must be used together with an external current controlled LED driver. What type of driver to use depends on how much light is needed in the application and if dimming is required. Contact Aura Light for a list of approved drivers.

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