Aura T8 Signette Long Life

Fluorescent lamps for attractive signs

Aura Signette Long Life is tri-phosphor lamp with very good colour rendering designed to give internally illuminated signs a uniform distribution of light, especially for environments where the temperature is low. Inside the outer tube there is specially designed diffuser layers integrated to give optimised light uniformity both for single- and double-sided signs. This lamp is designed for applications such as outdoor sign boards, single- and double sided and outdoor display. The diffused light distribution optimises the overall image of the advertisement and the direct intensity of the lamp is very low. The Aura Signette-D Long Life has two layers opposite of each other diffusing 80°, for type A - the diffuser layer is horizontal to the socket pins and for type B - the diffuser layers is vertical to the socket pins.


  • Extremely high light output at low temperatures
  • Very good colour rendering
  • Reduces maintenance with two thirds
  • Excellent starting characteristics at low temperatures

Application areas

Outdoor, Signs

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Technical details


Aura Signette Long Life (T8) has a basic fluorescent diameter 26 mm lamp inside with an outer glass tube Ø38 mm and connection pins G13. The lamp is designed for luminaires developed and assembled for T8 fluorescent lamp but the extra width of the outer glass tube needs to be taken into account. The Aura Signette Long Life is a high colour rendering tri-phosphor lamp (Ra 85) and is available in several colours. A lamps service life is defined as the elapsed time when the amount of light in an installation reaches 80% of its initial 100 hour value. According to IEC/EN 60081, the service life of the lamp failure rate and the lumen depreciation is calculated based on the lamp being operated with a switching cycle of three hours. The three hour switching cycle is defined as having the lamp switched on for two hours and 45 minutes and then switched off for 15 minutes. A switching cycle that is more close to common use is the 12 hour switching cycle, this is defined as having the lamp switched on for 11 hours and then switched off for one hour. The lifetime shown is accounted for 10% mortality.


Operation of these lamps is possible with electronic ballast (preferably warm start) and with magnetic ballast and starter.

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