Aura T5 Eco Saver Protector Long Life

Energy efficient fluorescent lamps for protective requirements

Aura T5 Eco Saver Protector Long Life is covered in a plastic protector film. The lamp is developed for areas that are subject to special safety requirements to protect sensitive products. Aura T5 Eco Saver Protector Long Life is available with FEP protective film, which is suitable for use in open and enclosed luminaires. The lamps are designed for applications such as food processing industry, other industrial productions plants (e.g. chemical, paper manufacturing), laboratories, sports facilities and museums.


  • Safe lighting in industries and food processing areas
  • Avoid production stop in case of lamp breakage
  • Up to 10% energy savings from day one compared to standard T5 fluorescent
  • Reduces CO2 emissions and maintenance costs
  • Long Life guarantee:48,000 h lifetime with electronic ballast

Application areas

Offices, Warehouses, Hospitals, Circulation areas, Sports

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Technical details


Aura T5 ECO Saver Long Life are available with FEP plastic film. Designed for T5 luminaires. 48 000 h service life (Electronic ballast, warm start) for Aura T5 Eco Saver HE/HO Protector Long Life.


Operation only possible with electronic ballast (HF)

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