DALI Switch & Dim Control

Easy control by manual dimming or recalling of light scenes



Product information

This unique control is more than a simple DALI based dimmer. By using a simple dim-up and dim-down function this control recalls programmed light scenes via push buttons 1 to 4. The default setting of light scenes like 100% /75% /50% / 25% can be easily be adjusted to your needs.

“By press and hold” programing no further tool is needed to program the wished light level. The on/off center button memorizes the last used scene which will be indicated by the integrated green LEDs to switch on the lights.

This DALI control is perfect for light control in small offices and meetings rooms with up to 20 DALI or DSI controlled luminaries. The remote control UHS7 can be used to control the DALI dim & switch.

Application areas

  • Small offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Offices


  •  DALI and DSI broadcast protocol selectable
  • Possibility to control up to 20 DALI /DSI ballasts
  • Default setting for plug & play
  • Pre-set light scenes of 100% /75%/50%/ 25%
  • Easy “Push & Hold” programming with LED indication
  • Remote control function (UHS 7)
  • Recessed and flush mounted options


Product sheet, Wireless DALI Switch & Dim Control


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