Three ways to improve the lighting in food production

Food production is an application with special requirements and it’s important to take this into account when installing the lighting in this kind of environment. In food production a breakage of a light source can cause a production stop and a very costly interruption. We offer a range of solutions for these challenges!



Challenge: “I need a high quality LED solution that reaches the safety requirements and is energy efficient.”


We recommend: Protected LED


Energy savings: Up to 75 %. See detailed calculation of how you save

This solution is perfect for food production! Aura UltiLED Protector Long Life is a high-quality LED light source, covered by a plastic protection sleeve in the material Kopalon PET (PTN2). The LED module is very well protected in the sealed IP65 glass tube and the diffused glass offers soft, even light with a fluorescent look. Aura Areza is an IP66 moisture-proof luminaire. It is ideal for applications where protection against moisture and dirt is required, such as food production. The Large Range PIR sensor is added for maximal energy saving.


Challenge: “I look for a lighting solution that reaches the safety requirements in a food production and is dust- and moisture proof.”



We recommend: Protected classic T5 

Energy savings: Up to 52 %. See detailed calculation of how you save

Aura T5 Protector Long Life is specially designed for areas that are subject to specific safety requirements for protection of production of sensitive products, such as HACCP and ISO 22000. It is covered with a FEP plastic film. The high-quality transparent FEP plastic film protects against glass splinters and fluorescent powder if a light source is broken. Aura Multimo is IP65-class which makes it perfect to resist dust and moisture, which are common external factors in food production.


Challenge: “There are T8 luminaires installed in the food production right now and we need to change these to new ones. We need light sources that reaches the safety requirements.”


We recommend: Protected T8 solution


Aura T8 Protector Long Life is designed for food producton and reaches the safety requirements. The plastic film that covers the product protects against external factors and is a safety against breakage. A breakage of a light source can cause huge problems in this kind of application, which makes it even more important to install light sources you can trust.