10 billion bulbs is the goal — support the Global Lighting Challenge!

Aura Light supports the Global Lighting Challenge — a race to deploy 10 billion high-efficiency, high-quality, and affordable lighting products as quickly as possible. You can join too!

Whether you are a supplier, facility owner or a stakeholder within the public sector, you too can participate in the Global Lighting Challenge by committing to initiatives that boost the transition to more energy-efficient lighting. For example through setting goals for new installations, sales or production. Read more about how you can join here »

Aura Light’s commitment:

To provide lighting that is smart; sustainable, economical, long lasting, environmentally friendly and of high quality. Our goal is that 85% of our sales will be LED by 2018. This includes high quality LED retrofit products and the world’s most energy efficient LED panel according to SEAD, Aura Lunaria, among other innovative and energy efficient products.

Do as many others and join this initiative for a more sustainable world.

Did you know that…

  • Lighting currently accounts for 15% of the global electricity consumption — more than the electricity generated by all the nuclear power stations in the world.
  • More than 5% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions are due to lighting.
  • 1.2 billion people lack access to modern energy services, including reliable lighting, and are, if anything, using hazardous energy sources like kerosene.
  • An overnight global transition to highly efficient LED lamps could avoid 801 Mt of CO2 emissions, equivalent to displacing 684 coal-fired power plants for a year.