Wireless sensors and 3000 LED panels for Telefonplan building

Vasakronan is one of Sweden’s leading property companies. For the building Telefonplan in Stockholm, Vasakronan chose a lighting solution with the LED panel Aura Lunaria combined with a variety of AN10® wireless presence sensors.

Telefonplan building, Stockholm

This solution is part of Vasakronan’s ambition to accomplish a 50% reduction in energy consumption compared to the average of the property industry.

3000 LED panels
”We have installed 3000 Aura Lunaria LED panels as well as AN10® wireless presence sensors in the building Telefonplan”, says Lars Perjons, Technical Manager at Vasakronan.

Reduction of energy usage by 50%

”The aim of the project is to reduce the energy consumption. Here at Vasakronan we always keep sustainability in focus and strive towards saving energy in all of our properties and projects. Our energy goal is to reach a 50% reduction of energy use compared to the average of the property industry and today we are already very close to achieving that goal. Having the right lighting solutions is one step in that direction”, Lars Perjons at Vasakronan concludes.


Solution for Vasakronan, Telefonplan

  • 3000 Aura Lunaria LED panels
  • AN10® wireless presence sensors
  • Goal: 50% energy reduction